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Style: LouveredLouvered colonial shutters in the various American styles are among the very oldest types of shutters.  First utilized in the southern regions of Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal, they pre-date wire screens as a way of keeping air moving into and through interior spaces while keeping the hot sun out. Originally developed with moveable louvers to maximize air flow, over time, most shutters were made with fixed louvers to avoid structural failure.

The transfer of such designs to the northern reaches of Europe, particularly England and Scotland; and, thence, to North America, came throught the influence of the renaissance architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) with his strong bent for neo classical design.  So great was his influence that the work of the great fathers of Georgian architecture … often referred to as “Adamesque” architecture (the brothers Adam ... Robert (1728-1792) and James (1732-1794) reflected Palladio’s work, as did the work of America’s first great builder-architect, Robert Smith (1722-1777) of Philadelphia.

Premier’s lines of shutters offer stile thicknesses from the usual standard 1-1/8” to a full 1-3/4" thickness, historically accurate stainless steel hardware, and optional tilt rods. Louvers are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses.   Please note that the basic difference between Boston and Manchester styles is the legs (sometimes called "horns) on the Boston style. Both come in single or double panel at standard pricing. Additional panels are available, and legs (horns) are also available top and bottom.
What you see on this page is just a sample of the Louvered Colonial shutters that we can create for you.

If you don't see the style that you want, just ask!

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Style: Boston
Style: Manchester

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