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Home built for Mrs. Frederick Winthrop in 1933. Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA.

All shutters distributed by Premier Shutters of New England are mounted with historically correct Preservation-Grade operating hardware including a full line of hinges, pintels, traditional holdbacks and slide bolts. All of this hardware is made from Series 300 and 400 marine-grade stainless steel or hand forged wrought iron.  Stainless steel is  finished with an extremely durable, matte-finish black powder coat.  Wrought iron is finished with a durable linseed oil finish.
We also require special acorn holdbacks on our traditional shutters, which completely prevent shutters from chattering in high wind conditions while avoiding any finish damage such as may occur with more traditional holdbacks. These "acorns" are made from marine-grade silicon bronze to withstand the elements.

Custom Hardware
Custom wrought iron hinges designed to handle deep-inset windows on stone façade. 

Our Bahama shutter hardware is made entirely from virgin aluminum with stainless steel snap-type locking pins at all pivot points.

Finally, in critical cases special hand-forged hardware may be required due to unique architectural requirements.  As an independent distributor we have virtually any kind of shutter hardware which may be required available to the builder or homeowner.


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"S" HOldback
Rat-Tail Holdback
Acorn Clip Holdback
12" Shutter Slide Bolt
12" Shutter Slide Bolt
"S" Holdback
Rat-Tail Holdback
Acorn Clip Holdback
Open Closed

Pintel on plate
4" Lag Pintel
Flat Hinge
6" L - Hinge
Pintel on Plate
(1/2", 1-1/2, and 2-1/4" offsets available)
4", 6" Lag Pintel
Flat Hinge
6" L - Hinge
(0, 1/2", 1-1/2,
and 2-1/4" offsets available)

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