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America’s Only Distributor of Preservation-Grade™ Exterior Window Shutters!

An elegant, maintenance-free alternative to wood shutters!   There are, today, many alternatives to wood shutters for the discerning homeowner that are historically, structurally, and architecturally correct … all from traditional 18th & 19th century designs, yet with none of the terrible maintenance problems and expense of wood shutters. So accurate are these faithful reproductions that from no more than a foot away one cannot recognize that they're not wood shutters. Available in all traditional forms: Louvered, moveable and fixed, both traditional and Bahamas-type … Raised Panel in a wide variety of designs … and Board & Batten, also in a wide variety of designs … our shutters are custom-crafted from pultruded high-tech plastics such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene … the material from which auto bumpers are made), PVC (polyvinyl chloride … same as underground pipe) structural foam, steel and aluminum components that are completely impervious to the weather, and are structurally warranted to the original purchasers so long as they own their home.  In no product do we use wood-epoxy composite materials with their tendency to warp and crack.

Premier Shutters of New England
Greek Revival home in
Edgartown, MA. circa 1820.

Superior construction, faithfully executed!
In fact,  shutters distributed by Premier Shutters of New England are made exactly like wood shutters, from individual inset raised panels, individually inset louvers, and interlocked corner joinery, varied only to accommodate the type of materials used in their construction. Additionally, every pair of shutters (individual shutters also available) come accurately measured and custom fit to the requirements of your home.

Lasting finish in the color of your choice! Shutters distributed by Premier of New England are finished completely painted utilizing either a two-part urethane paint developed by Sherwin Williams® Automotive Finishes for the over-the-road trucking industry. These paints are designed to take the abuse of road salt, sand and chemicals, are available in virtually any color you choose, with any finish from flat to semi-gloss, and are specially formatted to avoid heat absorbtion in the darker colors .  We have no standard selection of colors, so your choices are limited only by your imagination. We have already matched a collection of over 100 colors matched to the popular colors from leading paint manufacturers in both America and Europe; in any case, we will match to whatever color you require with no premium up-charge. 

Paint tested to last for decades!   So strong are our painted finishes that they've withstood 350 hour salt fog tests, 36 month sun tests for gloss retention and color fade South Florida conditions, and subjected to direct 24-hour applications of 10% solutions of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and ammonium hydroxide. In every case, our finish has proved completely durable in terms of color and finish. Because our finish bonds directly to the shutter substrate, every shutter is warranted against lifting, peeling, flaking or cracking for 10 years … far longer than any standard housepaint warranty.

Protection from tropical storms and high winds! We also offer a complete line of traditional shutters in storm rated versions, approved and certified by the Florida 2000 Storm Code (the IBC National Hurricane Code). Incorporating a patented storm bar system that can be engaged from inside your home, our storm shutters eliminate the need for costly impact-rated window glass and avoid the ugly appearance of aluminum roll shutters.

Selection! Premier Shutters of New England, as a completely independent shutter distributor, is in a position to make specific recommendations as to the type and manufacturer of shutters best suited to your needs,  We can make shutters to cover openings from 6 feet in width, to over 8 feet in height.  And we represent only the very best in quality composite shutters from America’s leading composite shutter manufacturers, some of which have been in business for over 18 years.

Premier Shutters of New England
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Preservation-Grade is a trade-mark of Premier Shutters of New England, and applies to all shutters distributed by Premier Shutters of New England which meet their rigorous design standards for historic authenticity."  
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