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In coastal areas where the threat of tropical storms and high winds exist, Premier Shutters of New England offers a complete line of shutters in storm rated versions that are approved and certified by the Florida 2000 Storm Code (the IBC National Hurricane Code). These shutters incorporate a patented storm bar system that can be engaged from inside your home thereby eliminating the need for costly impact-rated window glass.   This includes louvered shutters with completely open louvers and no outside shield which is subject to abrasion and damage.  THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE FOR PREMIER SHUTTERS OF NEW ENGLAND throughout New England.


Shutters Hurricane - Lock from the inside
Open louver hurricane code-rated shutters showing unique locking bar enabling locking from inside of your home.  No need to go on ladders here.

Premier Shutters of New England is proud to announce the recent approval of our four distinct shutters styles for use as a hurricane protection device for window and door openings. They include three traditional styles: Raised, Board and Batten, and Louvered. The fourth style is Bahama. The approved system utilizes Premier Shutters of New England' current 400 series stainless steel hardware accompanied by a patented internal  storm storm bar system for traditional shutters that can be mounted from the inside of the building.  The Bahama shutter utilizes it's own unique mounting system. The complete shutter system provides the same high quality authentic shutter with the added strength to withstand high intensity storms.   With our system there is no need to go up on ladders to secure these shutters.  In addition, we offer a Dade County approved, clear polycarbonate storm panel system that weighs only 20% of conventional storm panels and traditional ¾” plywood for windows where traditional shutters are either impossible to mount, or inappropriate in design.
The shutter system was designed and tested in accordance with the 2000 International Building Code (Wind Loads -1609.1.4 Protection of Openings) and the 2001 Florida Building Code (Wind Loads -1606.1.4 Protection of Openings). The completed assembly went through extensive testing at a certified testing facility and passed ASTM 330-97 for static air pressure and ASTM E1886-97/E1996-02 for large missile impact and cyclic pressure loading, (missile level "D", 9 lb yellow pine 2x4 at 50 ft/sec & 9000 pressure cycles). Certified engineering drawings and copies of the laboratory results are available for review and submittal to code officials and building inspectors.

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