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Combination Shutters

The classic combination look for a summer beach house
on Cape Cod.  North Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA

In the early days of Colonial Pennsylvania, it became a practice as a result of  Native American up-risings, to protect the first floor of homes with raised panel type shutters, with louvered shutters utilized for air-flow on the upper floors.  Over time, it became a practice to merge to two types of styles … the most typical style being the Alexandria style shown below.  With today's wide-ranging style of homes, architects and homeowners have a need for an even broader range of exterior window treatment options. Not limited to a single manufacturer, as an independent distributor Premier Shutters of New England meets those needs with a wider range of combination style shutters than anyone company in the industry. This page shows some shutter styles, but the virtually unlimited number of options allows you to use your own creativity, or produce shutters to your architect's specifications.

You can mix and match elements of our raised panel and louvered colonial shutters, even add a round top, louvered or raised panel to design your own uniquely personalized shutter detailing.

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Style:Raleigh Style: Salem  Style: Orleans

Other Styles
Raised Panel Open Louvered

We can produce both raised panel and open louver round
tops to meet almost any need

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